Saturday, March 12, 2011

finding what you're looking for when you're not looking for it

my last post was on valentine's day. right after i finished writing, i went to meet a dude for coffee at the new intelligencia in pasadena and then spent the rest of the day with him eating chili cheese fries from johnny rockets and having beers at the pub nearby. the next day, i went with a different dude to el cid for my first moth storytelling event, which is amazing and which i will be attending again this coming tuesday and at which i sighted a sorta celebrity (this dude from mean girls). afterward, we went to night gallery where some other dudes i know were exhibiting some work. there was some free wine. then, on the next day, wednesday, sue took me to the music box to see papercuts and beach house. after the show, we hung out with the bands back stage which was actually a real back stage with dressing rooms and fancy frescos on the wall. and then sue dropped me off at jumbo's clown room where i had some beers with a couple of dudes (one of them being barclay who throws dollar bills like bread crumbs at ducks) and then we went to pipers, a 24 hour diner in koreatown that is strangely and awesomely decorated with knights and has linguine in seafood sauce on the menu which the other dude who was not barclay ordered. i had an avocado bacon burger at 4 a.m. and then tweeted this:

"woke up this morning wearing 3 wristbands and with a hazy memory of eating a guacamole bacon burger at 4 a.m."
10:12 AM Feb 17th via web

i also tweeted a funny thing barclay said the next day, although i do not remember the context: "if I start crying uncontrollably, just hand me a roast beef sandwich."

the next day was february 17 and i met marilyn manson. he's apparently friends with aviva's cousin's girlfriend who is also friends with another friend of aviva's, this dude named john roberts who is a hilarious character actor who you may have seen in such videos as christmas tree mom and does the mom's voice on the new cartoon show bob's burgers.

before we went, aviva and i ordered fancy pizza from pizzeria mozza which i could tell would have been good if we had dined in instead. the next day, alison left for france so i was on deafinitely duty. the yummy dude that i had coffee with on that monday came to pick me up for sushi at this weird mexican fusion place in echo park and brought me miniature cupcakes from a fancy place near his studio in pasadena of which i ate two: one strawberry lemonade and one coconut lime. the other three were red velvet, choco peanut butter, and another chocolate something. i did not get to eat these because definitely ate them instead, which i did not notice until after i got back from brunch with Nikki at Alcove (funny Nikki quote: "Crouching burger hidden french fry") and then had a miniature heart attack and called every vet office alison had left me a number for plus every emergency vet clinic i could find and all the people i knew who had any experience with dogs. she was fine until she had a diarrhea explosion in the middle of the night that was disgustorama but totally my fault. in the future, i will take the vet's advice and feed her chicken and rice for every meal to solidify what comes out of her butt.

the next day was monday and i had a second meeting at another sushi place (Echi in West Hollywood) with a bunch of livingsocial folks with whom i now work. the ice breaker question was "which pop star would you be?" and i said "j. lo because i am tone deaf." which got a big laugh. this was the third night in a row I'd had japanese food...the friday before my mexican sushi was spent at LACMA during free hours with barclay and then dinner at a place called izakaya haru ulala downtown which i totally thought barclay was making up the name for because it sounds like gibberish so i didn't qualify which izakaya when i invited stacy to meet us so she ended up all the way in culver city before i stood corrected. she and i had drinks at the dresden after dinner and i almost fell asleep at the table like an asshole while she was telling me a riveting story. sometimes i am a bad friend and stretch myself too thin after having stuffed myself for days on end.

so i just wrote about one week so far in this post. yeesh. i started a full time job on 2/22 and did the livingsocial events on two saturdays but i've still managed to fit in a lot of deliciousness in my off hours. one dinner of note was home made pork ragu with an ice cream topped with rhubarb compote and homemade peanut brittle. another dinner featured traditional vietnamese beef soup that someone's literal mom made at his house for a party of 15 or something. and there was another dinner involving buttermilk brined fried chicken and truffle oil mashed potatoes.

a couple of days ago i was looking for something in my mary poppins purse and i couldn't find it. looking looking looking. then i gave up and a few minutes later i had to go into my big stupid purse again to get something else and the first thing i pulled out was the thing i was looking for in the first place. i think this is an apt analogy for my life right now. looking looking looking. stop looking. find it. life is good right now, dudes. life is gewd.