Monday, February 14, 2011

Walking in LA...

nobody walks in LA

I do not have a car but have been able to get around to the places I want to go in Los Angeles fairly easily. One major card I carry in my favor is my fantastic personality which comes in handy when I ask for rides. The other advantage of having to ride with other people to most places is that the burden does not rest on me to decide where we go or when or how long we stay. Of course I contribute my opinion when called for, but I don't feel that strong sense of responsibility. Yesterday, for example, I did not go anywhere during the day because (beyond being unbearable tired) I did not have the means to go anywhere. So, I took care of some housework that I've been avoiding like laundry, sweeping, and clearing a clogged drain. Then, Heather called and whisked me off to dinner at Legend (she doesn't like bean sprouts) and to Kate/Nikki's reading series at Paul/Daniel's studio on the east side. H made the executive decision to leave right when I got a call from Barc, so she dropped me off at his place where I drank whisky, watched Keyboard Cat play You Make My Dreams Come True, and fell asleep mid-sentence.

I got the most spectacular night of sleep in recent history, actually, after not having slept a lick on Saturday night. We'd spent the day at the beach (no complaints here!) --after I made a zucchini frittata and cumin homefries for breakfast with Lori-- and then had several beers at VBW before 9pm. So by the time we were deciding whether to go out, I was ready for bed. Friday night was equally exciting: I volunteered at Lori's Break the Cycle Unmasquerade (keeping all negative commentary to myself) and was home just after 10pm. It's official. I am retired from partying.

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