Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Story Never Ends

I shouldn't be blogging right now. I should be cleaning for my swap meet tomorrow. I should be grocery shopping for dinner with Lori and Heather tonight. I should be sending a couple of very important emails.

But if I don't blog about it, will I know if it ever really happened?

Carla came to town last weekend and I thought I was going to follow the Burt itinerary pretty closely. Boy howdy was I wrong! Turns out, male and female guests want different adventures. Plus, they are fundamentally different people. Go figure.

So, here's what I did with Carla:

1:30 pm Laci takes me to LAX to pick up Carla thinking it won't take more than 30 minutes to get there. We forget that we live in LA and that it is about lunchtime on a Friday.
3pm go to the Eames House

listen to some interesting facts about Charles and Ray. Walk around the grounds a little. Admire the giant crossword puzzle in the garage.
4pm eat prepared salads at Huckleberry
5pm head back to Koreatown like knuckleheads forgetting that it is rushhour on a Friday!
7pm go to Cottage Home, drink some Tecates, admire "art"

8pm go to Silver Lake to see if we can find another gallery. turns out to be a house party with younguns. Decide to go get a drink at Tiki Ti instead. Listen to whole bar chant ooga booga many times.

then we went to Gold Room to meet up with Stacy and then we did not go to a party with her that she just told me recently was awesome.

9a.m. hiking in griffith park turned into a 2 hour kinda nightmare. everything was fine at first when we entered at Trails cafe on the west side of the park, but then in my infinite wisdom I chose the path less travelled for our decent and we ended up at the Greek Theatre on the east side of the park. neither of us had our phones so we tried to find our way back to Trails by instinct and asking everyone along the way. only problem is that Carla had never been there before, I have no sense of direction, and everyone we asked was either a tourist or just as bad as me. The park ranger was the worst! He sent us through this narrow tunnel where we almost got hit by several cars. We ended up going back up to the observatory and heading back down the same path we came up except Deafinitely, Alison's dog, was so exhausted that she kept dramatically plopping herself on the ground making everyone else on the hike think we were these awful animal torturers.
noon finally got back to civilization and had breakfast at Millie's

and did some shopping in Silver Lake with Laci before she got called away to let Lori back into their apartment.

Later that night, Carla and I met up with her old friend Kellany and her husband Joel who both work in the industry doing after effects. K works on the show V and Joel worked on Tron! The restaurant, Road to Seoul, was pretty smokey but the meat was delish.

brunch at Square One
personality tests at the church of Scientology (i will scan in my results someday soon)
exploring hollywood boulevard and Space 1520's pop up flea where Carla bought a skirt and we got magical wish bracelets
We met back up with Laci who drove us over to Rodeo Drive and we perused the Prada store and took touristy pictures in front of Harry Winston. Then Laci took us on an epic scenic route through Laurel Canyon and Mullholland Drive where we ooohed and aahed at the vast expanse of Los Angeles and remarked on how Carla had so far only seen a tiny sliver of it. Let's face it, I have only seen a sliver so far, too.
That night, we went to Pollo ala Brasa, a tiny Peruvian chicken spot very close to where I live. A girl I met through this guy at the LATimes had made plans with me to have sushi that night but seemed cool with the switch in plans (Carla is Peruvian and couldn't NOT go). When the girl arrived, we were digging on COW HEARTS, like the most carnivorous meal possible, and she revealed that she is a vegetarian. Yeesh.

Then we went and saw a band play at the Troubadour. Then we passed out immediately (or I did, at least).

I had to go to Pasadena so dropped Carla off in Old Town so she could shop while I was otherwise engaged. I then picked her up with the car I've been driving and we broke down on the highway. Nikki came to save our lives pick us up and take Carla to the airport. I love Nikki. She swoops in like a guardian angel when I don't even know I need one.
El fin.

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