Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hostess with the Mostest time on her hands

burt is coming this weekend and Carla over MLK weekend and here's a tentative itinerary (or a loose picture of what we would do...).

I am insane and built a Google Map based on Jonathan Gold's 99 best restaurants published in LA Weekly. I have only been to 12 of these! Some of them more than twice already. 87 to go. I think I can probably knock that out in 2011.

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Lunch/brunch options for 4 days:
1. Square One (best BLT in the world) in Los Feliz
2. Millie's (best standard breakfast) in Silverlake
3. Greenblatt's (best Jewish) in West Hollywood
4. La Estrella (best fish tacos) in Highland Park
no website, but

5. La Mill (best coffee) in Silverlake
6. Larkin's (best deep fried mac n cheese balls)

Dinner options for 3 nights:
1. Gjelina (best Gnocchi) in Venice
2. Pizzeria Mozza (best pizza) in Hollywood
3. Cobras and Matadors (BYOB) in West Hollywood
4. Fred 62 (best diner scene) in Los Feliz
5. Alegria (best Mexican) in Silverlake
6. Jitlada (I hear best Thai)
7. Night + Market (new friend's Thai place)
8. Hamji Park (best pork bbq) in Koreatown

Dessert options forever:
1. Scoops
2. Menchie's

3. Paris Baguette
4. Milk
5. mashti malone's

Other restaurants I have not tried but have been suggested to me:
1. Village Idiot
2. Taste
3. 3rd Stop
4. Dominick's
5. Larchmont Village
Fu Cabell
Sit Bol jeep
King taco
Pollo a la braso
La casita
Lee's oc
Triumphal palace
Din tai fung

1. HMS Bounty in Koreatown
2. The Griffin in Atwater Village
3. The Prince in Koreatown
4. Good Luck in Silverlake
5. El Cid in Silverlake
6. Dan Sung Sa in Koreatown
7. La Cita downtown
8. Smogcutter
9. The Dark Room

Vintage shopping!
1. Hidden Treasures
2. St. Vincent de Paul
3. Squaresville
4. Urchin
5. Out of the Closet
multiple locations

Walking tours:
1. Chinatown: Central Plaza, etc.
2. Silverlake
3. Venice
4. Olvera Street
5. Fashion district
6. Santa Monica (if it's not cold)
7. Farmers Market

Hiking (bring comfy shoes):
1. Griffith Park (up to the observatory stopping for coffee at Trails)
2. Echo Mountain in Altadena
3. Wilacre (to look for the Rainforest Trail)
4. Runyan Canyon (with the dog)

1. Armory (near train)
3. Human Resources
4. Workspace
5. Machine Project

Movie theatres:
1. Vista
2. Egyptian
3. Arclight

Music Venues:
1. Wilshire
2. El Rey
3. Mayan
4. The Smell

1. LA Weekly
2. Thrillist
3. UrbanDaddy
4. Refinery29
5. My Delicious

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