Friday, January 14, 2011


so my weekend with burt was a little different than planned. This is how it actually went:

11:30 a.m. Burt lands
noon Gjelina for pressed sandwiches
some strolling down abbot kinney. possibly a coffee at Intelligencia
got another parking ticket. stupid one hour parking.
2pm Beach. photos taken and sent to max to prove how much fun we're already having. watch skater guys and little kid skater. watch surfers. make jokes about burt's obsession with his new phone.
5pm home to drop off bags and freshen up
drink at hms bounty
oaxacan wars (accidental trip to one oaxacan place with the same name as the one jonathan gold wrote about. and then a determined visit to the intended destination which was well worth it.)
9pm game night at Aviva's with Lori. won a green apple card when I played "blacking out" to the "racist" red apple card.

8 a.m. hiking in Griffith. random convo with tourists about my roommate's deaf boxer with one blue eye and one brown eye.
10 a.m. breakfast at Millies. random convo with neighboring table about a strange woman who insisted on petting my roommate's deaf boxer.
noon silverlake exploring

3pm space 1520 for a musical performance and a pop up shop
6pm-8pm JOSHUA CALLAGHAN: ELYSIAN PARKING and architect gallery. randomly run into another dude from brooklyn who was visiting on the same weekend as burt.
8pm dinner at Father's Office
party with alex in culver city...almost fall asleep on alex's old roommate's new apartment's couch

9 am-11am Rosebowl Flea and random estate sale with dexter.
senor fish with nikki
perused 1,000 vintage playboy magazines burt bought at flea
watched freaks/geeks, mean girls + ate tomato soup/grilled cheese that Lori had to make for Le Cordon Bleu homework
TAIX for comedy. standouts were Eric Andre (google him) and Aparna Nancherla

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