Thursday, October 14, 2010

calendar of events

As you may or may not know (because I assume that my only readers or people who know me, but hey I guess you could possibly be one of those weirdos that sits on blogger all day and hits the "next blog" button), I left my job in August and flew to LA.

I've been here for about one month and so far have seen bands, eaten tacos, and hiked. I've also earned 3 parking tickets.

Here's my calendar of events so far, edited down so as not to bore you. this is also completely inaccurate as this whole month has kind of compressed down into my brain like a bouillon cube.

9/13--land. realize i left my toiletry bag at sue's. pick up my rental car. request longer term. accept free upgrade. drive to nikki's. stop at food 4 less to buy groceries. freak out about produce section's endless deliciousness and fair prices. notice that 1 lb of apples is half the price of what they cost in ny.

9/14--go to apple store to buy new laptop because old laptop DIED in seattle. almost kill nikki on the way. drop free printer back off at nikki's. spend some quality time at cafe de leche where they make horchata espressos which are awesome and i want to drink them all the time but have the sneaking suspicion they will make me fatter.

9/15--go on a surprise hike in altadena up echo mountain with nikki, sarah B, alison, and deafinitely, alison's deaf boxer with one blue eye and one brown eye, a surprise because when i think of hiking i think leisurely stroll in the woods but this trail wound up a steep mountain side. marveled at the spectrum of people riding bikes.

wow i've only written about three days and i'm already exhausted. maybe i will come back to this later. in the meantime, i'm going to go eat some tortillas.