Tuesday, July 13, 2010

As you may recall from this riveting post, I had things to do that I wasn't doing because I was blogging instead. Okay, not because I was blogging, but because i am a lazy sack of shit. Anyway, I have not been blogging because I have been doing things.

1. shopping for cute and affordable tennis rackets and a bicycle
tennis is expensive. but i biking saves money! on gas! and cigarettes! because who wants to smoke when you have to lift a 300 lb. monster up your brownstone steps a few times a week?
2. managing my finances
fool, i got a raise! and our furlough was lifted! i'm rich! i don't have to ever think about budgets ever again!
3. doing work for my job that pays me
PSSSSHAW i have no idea what i was thinking when i wrote that. see item 3. you don't have to do anything to be successful in this world.
4. cleaning my bathroom
heehaw moved in at the end of June so i kinda had some motivation to not be such a disgusting slob for once in my life
5. sending long emails to my friends that don't live here with details about the demise of my last relationship
if only it would end! no just kidding. never leave me.
6. reading the stack of books and magazines on my dresser
i had plenty of time for this on the planes. i can tell you about esquire, new yorker, atlantic, psychology today, inc., new york, lucky, and a tabloid or two. don't quiz me on infinite jest, though. i only got to page 100 or something.
7. picking up the shoes i left at the cobbler several weeks ago
8. writing down my 1/3/5/10/25 year goals
cough cough
9. making shorts out of my pinstripe pants with bell bottoms
and now i have a full bag of dry cleaning and alterations that are much more pressing
10. figuring out what to do with the mattress from that sleeper sofa i couldn't fit into my living room
hurray! heehaw made me throw it out. i saw my own terrifying hoarding ways through her eyes. Next stop is the minifridge full of rotting leftover pizza from January.

The next thing on my to do list is to tell you about my trips to Dallas, Minneapolis, Wabasha, Seattle, Montauk, Los Angeles the second time, and San Francisco, but that'll maybe have to wait until I have some free time in Newport this weekend.