Sunday, February 28, 2010

winter sucks

so yeah i haven't felt like saying much about food over the past month because i've been depressed and haven't had much of an appetite. that's the best kind of depression, actually, if you're like me and have the luxury of losing a few pounds. one of my best friends was going through this last summer but did not have the same, shall i say, girth as me so ended up looking like karen carpenter.

i actually look amazing right now, besides all of the puffy bags around my eyes from the excessive crying.

but don't feel too bad for me. the fact that i'm writing this means that i'm not depressed anymore so you lost your window for sending me cheerful notes and bouquets. (not that i would dissuade you from sending me bouquets for no reason at all other than just to spread cheer...i actually got a cookie bouquet around august when i was moving to my current place from a work friend that really did make me feel awesome. the same work friend sent me a flour sifter when i had mentioned on the phone that i didn't own one and for whatever reason never got around to buying one. she's really good at gift giving.)

that doesn't mean i haven't eaten AT ALL. i mean, c'mon. this is me we're talking about here. i just now got back from smoke joint with the heehaw. max wrote a story for inc. about twitter where he says:
there are lots of cautionary tales about Twittering gone bad. (I had such an experience when, en route to an unfortunately named barbecue restaurant, I Twittered, and then hastily deleted, this gem: "Walking to Smoke Joint.")

for lunch today i had a delicious turkey sandwich with avocado and cuke that i made from stuff i got at the pathmark this morning. it was dire times in my kitchen last night when i got back from dc and only had some tortellini in the cupboard and half an onion in the fridge. i made do, though, and whipped up a dressing with olive oil and basil. i think one of my roommates threw away my dead rosemary tree. yesterday in dc i started the morning with kriston at the greasiest possible spoon down the street from where he lives called florida avenue grill. seriously, i'm SHOCKED it has a website. AND i am now discovering, a facebook page. my how things have changed. i mean, this is a place with pig foot on the menu. pig foot costs $3.60. i did not have pig foot for breakfast, i had grits and ham and two eggs over easy and biscuits with sausage gravy. and i felt sick the whole bolt bus ride back to new york. trust me, you do not want to go in there. the bus bathroom, i mean.

i can't entirely blame F.A.G. i had a kimchi dog the night before with many many beers, and the night before that i had a handful of nastily perfect nachos at the black cat with many many beers. so, you know, what comes out is about the same as what goes in. i do not know how the object of my affection eats pizza and chex mix bold flavor and cheesesteak sliders and chicken in a biskit all the time and survives even barely. we had some good times in silver spring, maryland, though over presidents day weekend. we went to my favorite restaurant in the universe, red lobster, and i had my favorite food in the history of food, crab legs. why have i not attempted to steam some crab legs at home? i ponder aloud. we also went to a brunch at the club house at this senior citizens's community his mom lives in called LEISURE WORLD. click on that link. i want to live there. they have a bridge club and yoga classes and theatre and a pool and afore mentioned sunday brunch at the clubhouse. one night, i made a gigantic lasagna from a recipe i googled: the meat was ground beef mixed with sweet italian sausage. brilliant! and so fun to squish together. it took 4 or 5 hours, however, from start to finish, so i would only advise making this lasagna if you are at your boyfriend's mom's house in the middle of snow covered maryland for three days.

a few weeks ago before anna went to berlin, we had a drink together at big bar, which hahaha is actually very small! and then went next door to this brand new filipino bar called krystal's that was celebrating a grand opening and had a full free buffet plus $2 drinks. it was not delicious but i was starving and totally psyched to stumble on free food. it hit the spot but i don't recommend it. plus it goes by the same name as the object of my affection's former object of affection (god i hope former), so, you know, be a bro and hate it.

okay i've bored you enough for one night. chow!