Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Home Sweet Homo

I'm going back to Brooklyn tomorrow and will be spending the weekend packing up my apartment there to ship back to Los Angeles. I've been in LA for close to three months now without pretty much all of my stuff with the exception of one 50 pound suitcase of clothing that has surprisingly served me well. It's amazing how much you can live without, or I should say it is amazing to someone like me who is a crazy hoarder. But, I've caught myself fantasizing about a few things in particular that I have at home in Brooklyn that I could have really used over the period I've been in LA. For example, my rice cooker is a beautiful piece of machinery with automated precision that delivers some of the best rice you can cook in any standard kitchen. My dish rack saves space while drying plates, utensils, and all manner of storage containers. And, above all else, the coffeepot and bean grinder that have diligently reported for duty almost everyday for a great deal of my formative years. You, you I miss the most.

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