Monday, May 24, 2010


Hi! I'm at Aviva's house in west hollywood right now LIVE BLOGGING my trip to LA.

I got here on Thursday afternoon, and Nikki immediately took me to get vietnamese food at Golden Deli in Alahambra. We had these awesome vietnamese coffees slow brewed in their own glasses.

By the way, I am now an avid user of foursquare. so you can stalk me by clicking here.

Then we walked around and looked at some of the natural vegetation.

Then she ran some errands with me in the car. Then she took me to her place and Paul and Daniel picked me up to run some errands before we headed to UC Irvine to see Alison's screening of her thesis (that yours truly wrote a little bit for). UC Irvine is hilarious. Their mascot is an anteater named Peter.

On the way back to civilization, we stopped at IN N OUT! i ate a cheeseburger and passed out for the rest of the ride. i hope i didn't snore.

Friday, Nikki had to go to San Diego so I had some time to do some alone time worky work before meeting my ex-stepcousins for lunch. long story short, my mother was briefly married to this man from the middle of nowhere texas who had three nieces who were roughly my age at the time. I met them two or three times when i was like 14 or 15. I'm now ahem cough cough thirty cough hack and a member of this website called Facebook and one of them found me a few months ago. so, you know, reunited. We had tacos together and talked about how weird it is that we're actually very similar now. We had gelato. Then, I went back over to Nikki's and we met Stacy at my new fave bar Good Luck and Stacy told us this hilarious story:

Saturday, i went to the silver lake jubilee and ate an awesome sweet potato masala dosa from a truck and a crazy delicious ding dong from mrs. beasly's truck and i bought this clever shirt.

after I had a horchata espresso from cafe de leche (the only way you should drink either horchata or espresso, b.t.dubs) and bought some cute dresses from this new vintage shop urchin on york. later that night we went to a party at iko iko and one at human resources and then we tried to watch wild at heart but fell asleep in the middle for like the nth time in my life.

Yesterday was Tragic Dinner Theatre with a thousand loaves of bread and a cute dude with a crazy name and LOST obviously. Oh, there was a 28" pizza at the viewing party I went to. Today, I workedied until meeting Alison for lunch at a burger place where i had a burger with kimchi on top and sweet potato fries on the side across the street from barbarella bar where we had $6 martinis. I love anything with cucumber in case you ever want to take me out. Tomorrow is the thing that I came here for, and I am just about out of money. I already got a parking ticket. It's like I live here for real.

xoxox next stop: Dallas

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pasadoughnuts said...

You linked Tano!!!!!!!!! I miss u. You are totes the best, B.T. dubs.