Saturday, April 10, 2010

things i should be doing instead of blogging about food

1. shopping for cute and affordable tennis rackets and a bicycle
2. managing my finances
3. doing work for my job that pays me
4. cleaning my bathroom
5. sending long emails to my friends that don't live here with details about the demise of my last relationship
6. reading the stack of books and magazines on my dresser
7. picking up the shoes i left at the cobbler several weeks ago
8. writing down my 1/3/5/10/25 year goals
9. making shorts out of my pinstripe pants with bell bottoms
10. figuring out what to do with the mattress from that sleeper sofa i couldn't fit into my living room

there's probably a bunch of other stuff but these are the things that i am most aware of that need to be done.

instead, i will tell you that i had two delicious pupusas today from the fort greene flea, one delicious coffee with soy milk and part of a pb cookie from tillie's, one delicious bloody mary at brooklyn public house, and several graham crackers. i also went to barc in williamsburg with kristy to look at a bunch of cats. last night, i went to nerd nite with my coworker alison, had too many glasses of wine and then some pizza at superfine. thursday night, i went to this kinda cool party with comp absolut acai cocktails and then ate half a tube of thin mints with vera. wednesday night, i went to an art reception at BAM with comp brooklyn brewery beers and then had some more beer at mullanes. i didn't eat much due to a late and heavy lunch earlier in the day at landmarc (see below). tuesday night, i made dinner with my roommate, spaghetti with broccoli and onion in the sauce if you must know. and monday night, i went to black iris with danica for some hummus, etc. in all, it was a very heavy fort greene eatery kind of week.

i'm sleepy. it's time to lip synch for your life.


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