Sunday, November 1, 2009

best costume award goes to the tequila bottle with a mustache

this is what i actually made. the mummies were a huge hit! they were gone in like 15 minutes. second most popular were the brownie witch hats. nobody ate the apple/almond toothy grins. and i forgot to take a picture of the pretzel cheddar broomsticks, but they weren't that awesome since i ran out of time to tie the cheese on. the halloween trashcan punch also disappeared quickly, but i'm pretty sure that's because there was a lot of alcohol in it. the first batch was a careful concoction of mango juice, campari, sparkling wine, and vodka, but then shit got hectic and we just started dumping tequila and peroni and peach nector and tropical v8 splash and whatever.

there's a mustache stuck to my living room floor and i have 6 new zits from all the olive oil floating around the house from eli's epic hummus and lily confit production (which by the way blew my mind right out of my skull). hello november. halloween 2009 sianora.