Wednesday, April 15, 2009

i, 2, wrote a poem

How many of us drift to thoughts of lovers last,
of men we've crossed and spells we've cast,
to mourn the touch of nights long passed.
Years of feast give way to shallow fast.

My mind returns to one brief treat:
Your hands in mine; the world at our feet.

"It's hot," you said, kicking away the sheet.

The tighter I held, the faster we turned
from a peaceful sky to an ocean churned

that pushed me out by the force of it.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


isn't there a rap star with the name flo-rida? or somthing like that? oh, yes, here he is.


anyway, i am back from Florida where I was in Orlando for a week for this crazy conference (which was a huge success even though everyone thought it was going to fail in this economy and also because the team that tried to produce it last year failed) and then in Coconut Creek where my brother lives with his wife for a week (near Ft. Lauderdale, so oh my god i was at Ft. Lauderdale beach during spriiiiiing breaaaaak!).

i had a fantabulous time, thank you for asking. in addition to running a smooth event where everyone was extremely happy (it's true, Orlando is the happiest place on earth), i was getting the star treatment by the hotel staff (the hotel was adjacent to the Ritz and so had the same standard of service). they stuffed us to the brim with complimentary extras, like margaritas and pancakes (at separate mealtimes, of course). plus, i got a free full day at the ritz spa--the largest spa in north america. massage, indoor saunas and whirlpool, and a private outdoor pool and large hot tub, which you KNOW is a must for me. I spent the whole day after the conference laying around in my white calvin klein one-piece feeling like an advertisement in a magazine for shaving cream.

i got my second sun burn at the beach near my brother's house the following week. and I seriously haven't gotten a sun burn since junior high! I blistered and peeled and EVERYTHING. gross. but before I leave the topic of the hotel, i should mention the "sushi" at the hotel lobby bar. one of the rolls had steak on top and bacon inside. 'nuff said. (hahhaha i just wrote "'nuff said." i am losing it). i should also mention that we went to dinner off site only twice the whole time i was in Orlando. on monday night, we ventured out to the universal studio city walk to try and eat at Bob Marley's A Tribute to Freedom. I'm not kidding. that's what it's called. it's like carribean food, i think, but it sounded a lot more fun then it actually seemed when we walked in. so then we tried to go to Emeril's next door, but the wait was like an hour. so then we went to Jimmy Buffet's Margarittaville, but that wait was an hour and a half! we settled on waiting an hour for the Latin Quarter because it was the only place with outdoor dining. isn't that crazy? you'd think every restaurant in florida would capitalize on the extraordinary weather there and make outdoor seating mandatory. the food at the latin quarter was all fried, taquitos and nachos, that kind of thing, but we weren't expecting much more fanciness than what we were already getting at the hotel.

i just took a break from writing this blog post to listen to the This American Life episode called Mistakes Were Made featuring this poem at the end which made me think of David Munns.

This Is Just To Say
by William Carlos Williams

I have eaten
the plums
that were in
the icebox

and which
you were probably
for breakfast

Forgive me
they were delicious
so sweet
and so cold

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

featured guest: ben the diabetic jew

ben: you think enids is open at 6ish?

me: enids is open all day

Benjamin: oh right cool

me: well that's not totally accurate
it's open at 5pm
plus brunch on the weekend

Benjamin: right

me: it was i think the first place i ever went to brunch in new york
and luncheonette was the first place i ever got an egg cream

Benjamin: a good hispter start. oh man i love egg crems

me: i thought it was grooooosss

Benjamin: and i love introducing them to people from other lands
carbonated dairy!

me: ewwwww
it's not what i thought it was going to be
i wanted it to taste like a frozen custard milkshake
but alas
not at all

Benjamin: ewwwww that sounds like bull semen!
so you havent explored egg creams further?

me: not really
i don't think i ever tried another one
that was back in 2003

Benjamin: well atleast you gave it a shot

me: i have not tried to make a shake from frozen custard, however
which is next on my list

Benjamin: yuck! what is custard?
like what IS it?

me: hahhah
it's sooooo delicious
i think they might sell frozen custard at the shake shack
it's really creamy
and not as sweet as ice cream
i want one right now

Benjamin: sounds intriguing
how do you feel about rice pudding?

rice to riches is one of my favorite places ON EARTH
i also love bread pudding
just had some at maggie brown's on sunday night

Benjamin: hate rice pudding. nearly vomitted from the mention of bread pudding
its all like leftovers from a gore movie
i support your love of these items

me: you know what i don't love?
which is weird because i DO love bubble tea

Benjamin: yeah bubble tea i have enjoyed
the word tapioca sends chills up my spine

me: why do you have such a prejudice against chewy gooey goodness?
were you molested with it?

Benjamin: hahaha nooooo. though im not hugely into chocolate either
cheesecake might be my paradise

me: mmhmm i'm somewhat ambivalent about cheesecake

Benjamin: god its so good
with blueberries

me: rice to riches has a cheesecake flavored pudding

Benjamin: could this be the compromise that ushers in a new golden age?

me: it's very good pudding