Friday, March 6, 2009

sometimes i spend all day shopping on the internet

and looking at stuff like this

Sunday, March 1, 2009


150 got home from trader joes. Started walking to 7th Ave.
205 Carla texted that she got to brunch
210 got on q
220 2nd guessed and got off q at Atlantic
225 learned b don't run on sunday and got on next q
235 got a voicemail alert when above ground.
240 changed to j at canal
245 got on j
250 got off j and got to spitzers on rivington and ludlow .
Ordered coffee. Ordered mesclun salad with roasted beets. Ate vera's fries. Told story about that day couple at the movie theater who wouldn't move over one seat so me and laura could sit together at enchanted last thanksgiving. how they said that they got there early so they could sit in those seats. How I said happy thanksgiving! How after the movie Laura and I were skipping down to the escalator where a lovely couple with child said that the fat couple were jerks and that we should be glad we didn't end up sitting next to them because they smelled real bad. Also told the story of dinner with band of horses and how after the show I said I would totally dry hump that dude with like twelve condoms. Got a big laugh but was personally amused by the memory of Baca's reaction when I originally said it. Have vera a warning look when told she was going to get Kate moss's tatoo. Ate salad. Drank coffee. Carla took a picture. Paid. Went to a tatoo parlor a few blocks away. Made plans for tomorrow.
345 head to sushi place for shift
430 work