Tuesday, January 13, 2009

concierge services

5:04:45 PM sue: so, my culinary friend
5:04:51 PM sue: i need t ofind a place to eat with mona
5:05:00 PM sue: do you have any suggestions in the city
5:05:19 PM athena : what nabe?
5:05:28 PM sue: well, she said she's close to an F or A/C train
5:05:34 PM sue: not that it's a huge deal either way
5:05:56 PM sue: anywhere you've been dying to try or recent favorite discoveries?
5:06:16 PM athena : hmmmmm
5:06:27 PM sue: yes i know this is a very broad question
5:06:59 PM athena : lemme think
5:07:09 PM sue: ok, thank you
5:07:27 PM athena : i loved allen and delancy
5:07:30 PM athena : it's kind of fancy
5:07:44 PM sue: that's ok. you know me, i like fancy. mona may not though...
5:08:10 PM athena : well it's also dark and hip
5:08:12 PM athena : like her
5:08:15 PM athena : but it's not cheap
5:08:21 PM sue: haha
5:08:25 PM sue: like her!
5:08:40 PM sue: oh yes this place looks more like roberto territory
5:08:43 PM athena : supper is related to lil' frankies where i took you with aviva and heather that one time
5:08:55 PM athena : that's more her price range, i'm guessing. it's in the e. vill
5:09:03 PM sue: supper? ok lemme look at that
5:10:37 PM athena : if you like korean, bonchon.com is crazy
5:11:26 PM athena : you should also go to blue ribbon with roberto
5:11:46 PM athena : i liked that place you and me went to for brunch that one time in the w. vill, deborah. but i don't know how their dinner is
5:12:02 PM sue: oooh yes i need you to just give me a big list of great places to eat
5:12:04 PM sue: youa re the master
5:12:31 PM athena : supperrestaurant.com
5:12:43 PM sue: yes i just looked at that
5:12:45 PM sue: looks gooood
5:12:55 PM sue: i need to just have a good meal and keep it mellow tonight
5:12:59 PM sue: i am having an insane day
5:13:00 PM sue: i'm exhausted
5:13:14 PM athena : i wish i could join you
5:13:22 PM athena : i hope you do come to my hood after
5:13:34 PM athena : oh i just thought of a place
5:13:37 PM athena : hold on let me find it's name
5:13:51 PM sue: i totally might get a second wind
5:14:02 PM athena : http://www.yelp.com/biz/cafecito-new-york
5:14:19 PM athena : i haven't been there in years but it was awesome
5:14:34 PM athena : also...there's a french mex place that's really tiny in the e.vill but interesting food
5:15:21 PM sue: these are all excellent suggestions
5:15:48 PM athena : is there a kind of food y'all are in the mood for?
5:15:55 PM sue: well i think she is a veg still
5:16:00 PM sue: but lemme check
5:16:05 PM sue: and really i am starving. i don't care. ha
5:18:50 PM athena : well if she's not, you should maybe go to ruby's on mulberry for one of their AMAZING BURGERS
5:18:54 PM athena : seriously. so good.
5:19:09 PM sue: ruby's ...ok let me look that one up
5:19:21 PM athena : here's that french mex place i was describing: http://www.yelp.com/biz/itzocan-cafe-new-york
5:19:49 PM athena : and if she is a vegetarian, i always like curly's on 14th street
5:19:59 PM sue: she isn't anymore
5:20:01 PM athena : it's also small, but a very casual atmosphere
5:20:02 PM sue: she gave up
5:20:02 PM sue: thank god
5:20:19 PM athena : hahah well, now you know about curly's for the next time you have to take a vegetarian to lunch
5:20:33 PM sue: yes!
5:22:03 PM athena : aviva loves cafe mogador on st. marks if you are in the mood for meditterranean food
5:22:05 PM athena : and if you can spell it
5:22:28 PM athena : and you know i always love great jones
5:22:37 PM sue: well meee too
5:22:41 PM sue: that really could be an option
5:22:43 PM athena : and cafe el portal for the margs and cheap burritos
5:22:51 PM sue: oooh!
5:22:57 PM sue: bingo! i forgot about el portal
5:23:02 PM sue: damn! now i ahve too many options
5:23:03 PM sue: ha
5:23:20 PM athena : el portal was the first thing i thought of but i thought you wanted something you've neve been to
5:23:31 PM sue: eh, i just was drawing a blank
5:23:37 PM sue: and mona has never been to any of these places
5:23:40 PM sue: so i want to show her something i love too
5:23:56 PM athena : i think this might be closed but it's one of my faves toohttp://www.yelp.com/biz/lovely-day-new-york
5:24:54 PM athena : nm still temp orarily closed
5:24:57 PM athena : :(
5:25:03 PM athena : i just called!
5:25:08 PM athena : this should totally be my job
5:25:11 PM athena : i enjoy it so much more
5:25:19 PM sue: dang
5:25:21 PM sue: and yes
5:25:26 PM sue: you should do a food guide to nyc
5:25:29 PM sue: on fattrractive
5:25:52 PM athena : maybe i'll do a pick of one restaurant for each neighborhood
5:25:59 PM sue: you should!!
5:26:04 PM sue: she liked the looks of supper
5:26:06 PM sue: so we're gonna do that
5:26:16 PM athena : that's the first one i said!
5:26:46 PM athena : no wait the second
Changed status to Away: Away (5:29:55 PM)
5:30:27 PM sue: whew. well glad i got that sorted