Friday, July 31, 2009

my postcard to you

I haven't updated since April, and it's now July. I never wrote anything about Austin or Philadelphia (where I was in June), and I'm sure I didn't say enough about Coconut Creek. I haven't said a word about Independence Day weekend when Sabrina was in town or about just a couple of weeks ago when Sue was here. Well, when she was in New York for the Oxford Collapse finale show. She wasn't here where I am right now because I am not in New York. I'm in Newport.

Technically, I'm in Middletown which is across the water from the Hamptons in a house called Whetstone that's been in my friend Anna's family for at least four generations. We got here on Thursday morning and went for a swim in the private cove behind the house. I cut the shit out of my hand on the barnacles and scraped my knee and elbow. Then, we had a light but succulent lobster salad for dinner before turning in at a respectable 11pm. This morning, I popped up at 8 without the aid of an alarm. In fact, I thought I had slept in something terrible late because of the light in the room and how refreshed I felt. This place is magical. It actually makes me excited for fitness. I threw on my running outfit and met Anna downstairs. She was going on a bike ride around town, so we left about the same time in different directions. I jogged to the wildlife refuge past the second beach and around the ocean view loop. Including the walk back, I went about 7 miles. My left knee feels arthritic now. I'm also covered in mosquito bites from sitting on the porch last night. And, I think I'm sunburned from this morning. Basically, i'm falling apart. It feels so good.

We're getting up early for a yoga class tomorrow and more delicious fresh fruits and salads. that is all.

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