Tuesday, April 7, 2009

featured guest: ben the diabetic jew

ben: you think enids is open at 6ish?

me: enids is open all day

Benjamin: oh right cool

me: well that's not totally accurate
it's open at 5pm
plus brunch on the weekend

Benjamin: right

me: it was i think the first place i ever went to brunch in new york
and luncheonette was the first place i ever got an egg cream

Benjamin: a good hispter start. oh man i love egg crems

me: i thought it was grooooosss

Benjamin: and i love introducing them to people from other lands
carbonated dairy!

me: ewwwww
it's not what i thought it was going to be
i wanted it to taste like a frozen custard milkshake
but alas
not at all

Benjamin: ewwwww that sounds like bull semen!
so you havent explored egg creams further?

me: not really
i don't think i ever tried another one
that was back in 2003

Benjamin: well atleast you gave it a shot

me: i have not tried to make a shake from frozen custard, however
which is next on my list

Benjamin: yuck! what is custard?
like what IS it?

me: hahhah
it's sooooo delicious
i think they might sell frozen custard at the shake shack
it's really creamy
and not as sweet as ice cream
i want one right now

Benjamin: sounds intriguing
how do you feel about rice pudding?

rice to riches is one of my favorite places ON EARTH
i also love bread pudding
just had some at maggie brown's on sunday night

Benjamin: hate rice pudding. nearly vomitted from the mention of bread pudding
its all like leftovers from a gore movie
i support your love of these items

me: you know what i don't love?
which is weird because i DO love bubble tea

Benjamin: yeah bubble tea i have enjoyed
the word tapioca sends chills up my spine

me: why do you have such a prejudice against chewy gooey goodness?
were you molested with it?

Benjamin: hahaha nooooo. though im not hugely into chocolate either
cheesecake might be my paradise

me: mmhmm i'm somewhat ambivalent about cheesecake

Benjamin: god its so good
with blueberries

me: rice to riches has a cheesecake flavored pudding

Benjamin: could this be the compromise that ushers in a new golden age?

me: it's very good pudding

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Punohu's Politics,Environment and Culture said...

ALoha that was awesome! IM 320 pounds, and very active in local politics, activism, ect yeah so what blah blah blah.

BUT, hey i LOVE this blog! I am following it religiousely now, trying to get some great ideas for losing some of this darn weight!