Monday, February 16, 2009

Me gusta nada

Last night was loco. I had to get to the restaurant by 230 for a
meeting with this consultant dude the owner hired to try and turn the
place profitable. The wait staff agreed to meet there an hour earlier
to order off the brunch menu. I had a huge curry udon soup, a
delicious lotus root tempura maki roll with avocado on top, and a nasu
shigiyaki which is eggplant sauteed with a miso paste. Yum! Then the
meeting started. It was a bunch of common sense stuff about service
but also a good refresher on how to serve wine and some interesting
facts about Japanese dining. For example, did you know that the best
way to enjoy sushi or sashimi is to eat your fish in order of lighter
to richer? Start with fluke, then move to your salmon and mackerel,
and finish with your tuna. It's good for digestion and for opening
your palate. I also learned that Japan has a Valentine's day too but
the gender roles are reversed. Apparently, the female is expected to
be the gift giver. This was my opportunity to share a little American
fun fact about our sadie Hawkins dances although I don't really know
how popular they really are other than for dramatic effect in
television shows about high school. We were slammed pretty much from
open to close so mr and the dishwasher didn't get much qt. He did have
at one point extend chivalry to me in the form of holding open the
freezer door while I scooped ice cream though, a favor I returned by
holding open the back door for him when he was getting the mop bucket,
to which he exclaimed, "que romantique!" tonight I worked with this
other Spanish speaking dude who has a much firmer grasp on English. It
was pretty slow since everyone blew their wad last night on their
loved ones so he and I shot the shit a little more than I usually get
the chance to chat with the kitchen staff. Dishwasher was nearby of
course and basically asked me to come to his house again this time en
espanol and the other guy asked me if I entiendo because he could tell
I could understand by the face I made. We joked around a bit and he
said he'd make me something special because he liked me. I said
everyone liked me. Soy muy popular. And dishwasher agreed but said
that I no gusta nada. That made me kind of sad suddenly because it's
kind of true. Anyway, dishwasher waited around for me to finish my ice
cream after my shift dinner even though he always gets off much
earlier than me but I said goodbye I'm tired see you next time. No
quiero ir a tu casa.

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