Wednesday, December 31, 2008

what i thought i knew i now have to learn

so, as i might have mentioned, i'm broke. it's totally my own fault for choosing to stay in grad school after leaving a job that reimbursed tuition and then staying in grad school even after a i got a job that negated my need for grad school and then staying in grad school when i got laid off from that job and then fired from a different job at the same company that only offered partial reimbursement anyway. oh yeah, and for having a bleeding heart and giving my mom thousands and thousands of dollars to keep a roof over her head and her electricity on. even though heather disapproves, you may click the button below to show me any amount of affection in the only way i was raised to understand it.

if it makes you feel better, i have sought and acquired a second job to help pay my bills or at least allow me to continue my modestly extravagant lifestyle of shopping at trader joes, eating out somewhat frequently, and enjoying mexican beers with my friends. Here's that button again, in case you missed it the first time:

it's a sushi restaurant four blox from my apartment on the prospect heights side of atlantic avenue. the staff is really friendly and the food looks delicious although i haven't actually eaten there before. after my shift last night, the chef made me a salmon fillet that i scarfed in the car while my friend phoebe who is here visiting from charlottesville/pittsburg drove us to union pool to see this guy who used to work at this tea place i went to all the time and called himself el douche (pronounced doo-shay).

do all the donate buttons kinda make me seem a little like president-elect obama?

i've had sushi a lot in my life, and i thought i knew what everything is by sight, especially due to my own asian american heritage.

edamame=check. i know that they are soybeans and i know how they are prepared and i know how to eat them. no problem.

hijiki=...checkish. i know what seaweed is, but i thought it was called nori in japanese. in korean, it is called kim, and what you would call a sushi roll at a japanese restaurant, you should call kim bop at a korean eatery. bop is of course rice, which also has a prominent placement in the popular dish bi bim bop.

kinpira=awooga. this is on the menu as burdock root, although the word actually refers to the cooking style of sauteeing. i didn't know what burdock root is, so maybe you don't either. it's white and looks like french fries but i'm guessing it's close in flavor to a radish.

ohitashi=spinach with bonito flake. i had no idea what bonito flake was, i guessed it was fish.

hiyayakko=tofu with those damn bonito flakes. i saw this dish come out of the kitchen and didn't really understand why someone would order it. it's pretty boring.

goma ae=boiled spinach and served cold. one of my favorite side dishes in the universe. i love the sesame dressing.

those are the apps. hijiki and goma your remember the diff? seaweed vs. spinach! ohitashi and goma ae? both are boiled spinach...but ohitashi comes with bonito flakes!! oh hit my tooshie for flaking. hiyayakko? hi you yak oh tofu? goma ae gomer pyle gonna serve spinach cold? kinpira can peer at a burdock root and think it's a french fry? gimme a break here i'm trying to memorize this shit.

back later with more pneumonics.

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