Tuesday, December 2, 2008

i'm swamped just took on a whole new meaning

Liz just invited me to dinner at monkeytown.

while you watch awesome animations, you and your fellow food adventurers will be dining on this our delicious and delicate Swamp Menu with cocktail and wine pairings:

crispy herbed snails
goat cheese broth, red onion fondue
(paired with the green iguana cocktail)

frog leg terrine
frisee, walnuts, truffle, sherry vinaigrette
(paired with leaping lizard chardonnay)

achiote roasted rattlesnake
green chile risotto, sweet corn b├ęchamel

warm turtle salad
swamp cabbage, poached egg, lardon
(paired with thirsty lizard shiraz)

alligator a l’indienne
vindaloo smoked potatoes, mango relish, natural jus

chocolate turtle cake
mint gelato, lavender caramel
(paired with sex with an alligator)

uh, yes. of course I said yes.

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