Wednesday, December 10, 2008

i hate it when people ask my advice and don't take it.

but i'm still going to try these.

On 12/10/08 2:40 PM, "Ryan" wrote:

You guys know stuff about stuff – can you recommend any good Korean
restaurants? Any borough is fine. Thanks.

On 12/10/08 3:40 PM, "Athena" wrote:

Bon Chon is on the second floor and plays loud electronic music in the dark.

There's a mandoo bar around the corner on 32nd that is more casual and
serves only dumplings.

I also like Gahm Mi Oak.

On 12/10/08 4:22 PM, "Ryan" wrote:


On 12/10/08 4:24 PM, "Athena" wrote:

Where do you think you'll end up going?

On 12/10/08 4:27 PM, "Ryan" wrote:

Not sure. There's talk of being near the EV, so I might try this place
Dok Suni on first ave.

There's a good place in Prospect Heights called Noo Na, and that place
Moim in Park Slope is okay, but kinda overpriced.

and here's Max's three cents:
This is what my friend said. Both of these are on 32nd.

Seoul garden (it's on the 2nd floor, next to the parking place, south side of the street, closer to broadway) or BCD (middle of the block, north side of the street)

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