Sunday, December 21, 2008

Beet it

Last night, I made beets!

Last winter, I met this really beautiful Keanu looking dude who asked me for my "math" (hip hop terminology for phone number, apparently) after I overheard him tell someone that his job was making beats. I totally thought he meant he was a farmer or a chef or something, but he meant that he was a musician. (Actually, he also served tables at a restaurant in Chelsea.)

You know how in my last post I wrote about Dumont with Alison, Michael, and Lisa? Well, I found this recipe for beets in my ex Boyfriend cookboook and thought that it sounded really easy. The recipe basically said you boil the beats for like 30 minutes, skin them under cold running water, and then soak them in olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and pepper. They're totally fucking delicious without that last part, btw. Skip the seasoning all together. They turn your fingers and mouth into a red wine massacre, though, eater beware.

I sliced them and arranged them in a pretty circle and in the center I put a generous helping of cabbage that I stir fryed with onions and rosemary. Anna passive aggressively forbade me from adding chunks of bacon. (me: "oh i bet bacon would make this even more awesome." a: "i don't feel like bacon." me: "that's too bad. bacon makes everything better." a: "whatever. you're going to do what you want to do anyway.") speaking of bacon, look at this.

Me and Anna also made a shit ton of snowflake cutter cookies and glazed them with this powdered sugar soy milk mix that took all night to dry. the icing superglued the cookies to the plates so i broke 50% of them this morning when moving them to a separate container. fail. (i gotta stop using that nerd meme.)

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