Tuesday, December 9, 2008

all i know about euthanasia

is that there's a lot of them and they're a whole lot smarter than we are!

which is to say that i finally succumbed to the scary gross looking chinese restaurant on the corner of washington and fulton in clinton hill that is basically made of bullet proof glass sheathed in a veil of fried chicken grease because every night when i come home my roommate is feasting on a bowlful of rice slathered in garlic sauce and it always looks way too appealing compared to my pbj or brussel sprout surprise (the surprise being that all i have leftover from thanksgiving are the brussel sprouts that are now starting to turn black in the fridge). the beef and mixed veg i ordered was not disgusting, nor was the eggroll appetizer, although the eggroll was curiously tinged red on the inside. not spicy red or sweet/sour sauce red. needless to say, my experiment is now complete and i will not be picking up from there again (unless i'm drunk and desperate which seems to be how i make most of my decisions especially when it comes to love.) (seriously, someone take this keyboard away from me.)

the other thing i came here to complain about is all the fucking chocolate at the office. doesn't anyone send cookies for christmas anymore? what the fuck? cookies are not going to help me fit in a tube top attractively any time soon, i know, but chocolate candy is like speeding up the process by taking fat pills. i got a huge pail of hershey kisses and mini-bars like krackel and pb cups today. of course, everyone that walks by my desk thinks that just because the pail is open that they are welcome to take a handful. WELL THEY'RE NOT. okay just kidding yes they are. take them away from me or i will do major damage to my arteries and thighs. what i actually want more of, though, is the multi flavor popcorn bins. caramel and cheese and pepper yum.

speaking of yum, dorothy's birthday cake on saturday night. i was in the bathroom when it was brought out and the song was sung but i do know it was made of ice cream and that it was my main companion for the rest of the evening.

well okay i'm not being entirely fair. i did chat with that girl meredith who is max's girlfriend and who used to live with mariah in one of those bizarre meeting of the worlds type occurences where she is like me and is friends with these two completely separate groups of people that otherwise wouldn't be connected. i linked to the cake wrecks blog above because i forgot to share it when nikki's neighbor paul and his boyfriend daniel told me about it when we were in chinatown in l.a. and walking past a bakery that was putting the finishing touches on a nightmare of an orangeish brown pile of sugar and flour. i wonder if the photo they took (while telling the baker how lovely the cake was) ever made it on to the blog... i am too lazy to look for it.

what else? dinner at Il Passatore friday night after happy hour with coworkers was so so. i had the butternut squash filled tortellini. brunch with tony at cowgirl on saturday was lovely. i miss that man. our friendship is one of those things i hope always stays the way it was on saturday and doesn't dip again the way it always does. i brought all of the salad i'd made for the week over to anna's house on saturday night to share with her because she was going to make me dinner thinking i'd have plenty left over to take home but then she devoured it. sunday i met long lost michael cohen for expensive and unsatisfying hot cocoa on the upper east side before we grabbed a cheap slice just like old times and then parted ways so i could go look fat on ice with carla and johnny at bryant park pond.

you can't tell in this blurry photo, but in all the rest i have more chins than the euthanasia phonebook. and that's full circle!

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thehistoryofmyfuture said...

Even if you can fit into a tube top, my advice would be DO NOT WEAR(!) unless it comes in a nylon/spandex micro-fiber with a matching bottom (Better known as a bathing suit.)

Then again, judging from your recent experience with advice, I guess you don't have to take mine either.

I had butternut squash tortellini at Forlini's a couple weeks ago-- The best i've ever had, but they totally tricked me into buying a whole bottle of wine when i thought i was buying a carafe! I won't complain though. If one of those guys find this they are likely to break my legs.