Wednesday, November 26, 2008

More text tests

I've been writing a story with my phone recently and now I have taken the time to figure out how to post to my blog with my phone. Drunk blogging here I come!

I want a man who writes songs about me. How I Jill him slowly by carving my name into his flesh like arrows in a heart on a tree.

We drove over kentiky and like me the grass grew blue. Dusk fell heavily but not from the sky. From within it seemed to me the night encroached. The night the night we had never feared the night. And as we drove we aimed for the heart of it. My face forward but my eyes down then quick blinks to my right where he sat. He hadn't forgiven me yet.

The dream seems solid like you could knock it with a thud like you could run against it and bruise yourself.

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