Sunday, November 9, 2008

malice, tx

At LGA on Wednesday afternoon (totally hungover from the totally fucking awesome election result party that aaron threw at a sports bar he rented in our neighborhood), I got a phone call my mom who told me she'd pick me up from DFW when I landed later that day. I told her she didn't have to do that because I was renting a car. She repeated that she could pick me up and I repeated that I had a rental car so I would see her at 5pm. I hung up on her because these kinds of arguments shouldn't be engaged in while security is checking your boarding pass and i.d. So, I landed at DFW, grabbed my suitcase and jumped on the shuttle to the rental car pavilion which was like 20 minutes away. I waited for another 20 for them to come up with a car (they didn't actually have any compacts at 4 when I had booked one, so they ended up giving me a cute saturn vue --I should charge for product placement in these blog posts--that subsequently everyone in tx that has seen it has envied. this part is only notable because i actually despise myself for unnecessarily driving such a large vehicle even though i didn't really have a choice). Anyway, when I was about 10 minutes from my mom's house, I noticed that I'd missed a few calls. I check my voicemail, and the crazy lady is at baggage claim looking for me without a clue of what airline I was flying or the exact time of arrival. So I had to sit and wait for another hour on the curb in front of her house while she drove back. Luckily, I stopped at Boston Market for a quick and delicious side item meal of chopped salad, sweet potatoes, a fruit cup and a piece of cornbread. the salad was suprisingly gigantic but the fruit cup was full of rotten grapes.

When she got home, I told her I'd take her to dinner because although she is infuriating, she is cute for wanting to see me sooner. we went to a korean restaurant she likes a lot that's known for their soy bean cake (a.k.a. tofu) and had some bulgoki (beef rib eye) and basically another side item meal but this time the side items were kimchi, bean sprouts, turnips, and some other random weirdness that I don't know the names for.

then thursday i went to my favorite coffeeshop from my childhood, cafe brazil near mockingbird lane, where I scarfed a veg omellette and three cups of coffee while partaking in a little wifi action and getting some prep work done before our event that night. it took me longer than ideal, so that by the time i jumped back into the vue to head back to dfw to pick up courtney, her plane had already landed. she said it would land at 11:20! it was 11:10! what's up with that? then we drove downtown to her hotel and then into westend to get some tex mex at this chain looking place r.j. courtney got fajitas and (yes i ate again only an hour after breakfast) i had the fish tacos. when you first walk in, they have a dessert showcase with this taco sundae that i decided i was going to eat after lunch but then failed to do so (see above two meals in a row). then we went to the dallas aquarium where we were producing the 4th dinner event in a series. the passed hors devours were not as good as the ones we had at norm's book party at columbia last monday where we had coconut shrimp and pretty cream cheese puff topped cucumber slices. p.s., courtney loves shrimp. she's had something with shrimp in it just about every time we've gone out to eat over the past couple of weeks. dinner at the aquarium was a huge round of steak with a side of new potatoes and a veg medley stir fry. they brought dessert out way too early, but the exterior of the building was pretty cool, so i'd rank this venue as #2 out of 4 so far.

i'm on my way to san jose on a 6 a.m. flight tomorrow which means i have to leave the house at 4 which means i have to wake up at 3 or 3:30 which means i will maybe just not go to sleep at all or go to sleep at like 8 pm tonight which isn't that hard to do in snoozerific dallas, tx. i've been waking up at a pretty regular hour, 8 or 9 a.m. both friday and saturday. I laid around a little longer than that this morning but only because today's the only day i didn't have solid plans. on friday, i hung out with my best friend since we were 12, sabrina, and watched her pack up her apartment because she was moving this weekend. i discovered she voted for mccain and almost started crying. we had an awkward dinner at this vietnamese place (that should have been called Pho Sho) where me and her bf will were not allowed to talk about politics. then i went to the restaurant where my brother works fish city (yes this is an actual place). and then he, me, and his wife rachel and another coworker of theirs went to this enormous sports bar pub called fox and hound. rachel told me that if they had a son, they really liked the name jack. they also wanted to incorporate my father's name russell into the name. but then they realized that jack russell probably wouldn't be a good name at all. saturday i went to my aunt adena's house in mesquite where i stopped to get gas ($1.99/gallon!!!) and an iced soy latte from the drive tru window at java ranch (hahha). everything in tx has a drive thru window. i banked at a window, i got beer, i got married. adena took me to this "artist" flea market festival thing in a high school nearby where a bunch of crafty people were selling macrame and that kind of shit. there were some really funny beaded animal key chains that i unfortunately fell prey to and bought like four, you know with christmas right around the corner and all. one's a shrimp, another's a rooster, the third is a crab, and the last is an elephant. the shrimp is obviously the funniest one, but i suffered buyers remorse the second I handed that woman my 20 dollar bill. then we went back to adena's house and my other aunt ceca came over with her husband, their kid emily, and her boyfriend andrew who follows emily around like a puppy. she likes to tweeze his eyebrows, which isn't that weird. it's just weird that everyone knows it and that she did it in front of the whole fam. i forgot to mention that adena fed me a bowl of yankee pot roast when ceca arrived and then fed me again when ceca left, this time a garantuan steak with a sweet potato and peas. at this point, i've had beef multiple times a day, three days in a row. i am actually eating beef right now as i type this that my mom stir fried into some rice and cucumber kimchi with bean sprouts. it's really good and not something i would ever make at home. then i will probably have a second dinner with sabrina when i go to meet her tonight in her new apartment that i conveniently wasn't able to help her move into.

at breakfast this morning at ihop, my mom told me this fascinating story about her mother's previous men before her father. while this is the most interesting story i have to tell all week, i am now fatigued by this blog.

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