Wednesday, November 26, 2008


My work environment back when I was an editor at lexis nexis in charlottesville was a lot like that show the office. My work friend erin would send around an email on the dot of noon with the subject line lunchies alerting everyone that it was time to grab our coats and hit the downtown mall to pick up eats. Its strange and sad and somewhat scary that I can't remember what I had for lunch for two whole years of my life only five years ago. Its not like there were a lot of options or that any of the restaurants were at all remarkable. Except of course the one I worked at parttime to pay off my credit card debt so I could move to new york. How how na├»ve I was then to think that I would live on cash alone from that point forward. But back to the point. I honestly can't recall lunch. I remember making dinner with dave and going to golden corral on friday date nights. I remember this one restauraznt that looked like a boat and sold all you can eat sushi. I remember going to red lobster only semi ironically to celebrate getting employed. I remember a chili cook off at the office and the farmers market on the weekends. But lunch just draws a blank. Not the lunchtime companions of course. Louis fierro with his doughnut gut and frat not charm. Ophelia disgruntled from stifled photog ambition. Eleanor with your blond hair and your constant bitching about Barry and your boss. Phoebe. I can't remember lunch with you. What comes to mind is your spotless apartment and drinking martinis with you at bang and walking around downtown slightly stalking your ex boyfriend while you were again depressed. Visiting your friend at the flower shop. 

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