Saturday, June 14, 2008

mex and the city

so now it's saturday and i still feel bloated and ugly. that shall be the name of the next blog i start: "blugly." (note to self: start blog column at work called "none of your business.") you can probably guess why i've been feeling this way for over A WEEK (hint) and why i've decided to stay home tonight instead of go with THE FLOW and meet the rest of my friends at cakeshop (which is neither a cake nor a shop) to see heather's boyfriend frank's band play PERIOD. it's kind of funny (i mean sad) how nervous you (i mean me) can get when you (again, me) want it to come like clockwork but then just hate life while its here. all of my manfriends who read my blog can avert your eyes for this post. i'm going to talk about sex and the city now which will be boring to you anyway.

i fucking loved it. i loved every minute of it. i loved the outfits and the shopping and the stupid jokes and the over the top hopeless romanticizing. i loved the talking, i loved the looks, i loved the children. i loved the poop and the penis and pubic hair and everything in between. every review about the movie is wrong. who cares if it's embarrassingly materialistic and the script takes every easy way out? it's supposed to be fun!

okay. i didn't eat any popcorn at the theater because laura and i had just stuffed ourselves at supper on 2nd street in the east village. i had the friday special risotto that was packed with squirmy delights from the sea, and laura had pasta in mint sauce. mint! my only complaint is that when i got there at 6:15 and NO ONE else was there, they wouldn't let me sit down at one of the tables outside until my "party was complete" which didn't happen until 6:25 (i'm looking at you, laura). in the meantime, i called my aunts and left them cryptic voicemails. my brother just told me last weekend that he's getting married but he didn't want to call everyone himself, so it's up to me. and now all of you know. see how efficient i am?

tiffany canceled lunch on me, but that's okay because me and aviva (sorry, dan, i know you hate it when i rape grammar like that) found a new vietnamese sandwich place down the street from our office. they didn't know how to work their cash register, but the thai iced coffee was delish. i'm totally gaining 30 pounds this summer from frequenting this place, prediction. i didn't have lunch with aaron either because we hit a snafu with the thing that was supposed to be ready for him, although he did come in for a little while to pow wow with me in our cafe yesterday. instead, i had something else that i can't remember for lunch. allen and delancey on the lower east side, btw, blew our minds. we started with scallops (Sea Scallops, Thumbelina Carrots, Sultanas, Cilantro) and sweetbreads (Sweetbreads, Fennel, Madernassa Pear, Licorice) (which i was told were the thyroid glands of baby veals and yet still thought the rolls that were brought to our table were them). our waiter looked JUST LIKE joey from friends, but the rest of my dining companions thought i was insane when i said so. melinda and i (look, dan, i did it right!) kept shouting french words at each other through out the meal as they occurred to us to the chagrin of the rest of the restaurants patrons. we had the cod, halibut, lamb shank, and monkfish, although we couldn't clean our plates because some of us were dumb enough to graze heavily on the chips and guac available at the dwr party. the others of us (ahem, NOT ME) wanted to take smoke breaks in between courses. i did this when i was in college, but seriously that makes no sense when you are (I am) spending oodles of recession dollars on something you (i) want to taste, goddammit.

tomorrow i'm making all of my friends go to the zoo for my birthday. everyone says you should have italian food in the bronx, but i just don't feel like it. so we're having mexican instead. i shall report shortly (at great length).

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happy birthday biatch! xoxo