Monday, June 16, 2008

break up hotel

i just submitted my suggestion for the name of the new venue in the space formally known as galapagos. what do you think?

also, i woke up at 5:30 a.m. even though i was EXHAUSTED last night from a full day of bronxing. mommy, what is going on with my body? i drank hardly any alcohol yesterday, just a little sparkling rose before the best homemade strawberry rhubarb cobbler with vanilla ice cream i've ever tasted. melinda made it, and she shared it with me, laura and gabe after we had dinner with her and andrew at this mucho delicioso place estrella poblanita on arthur avenue. i chose the spot for dinner (my portion was under $5) because i didn't want to make my friends spend too much money after we'd each spent $15 on tickets to the zoo (danica, david, gabe, jill, and laura). david also bought me a camel ride and one for his lady. the guy at the photo booth said they were going to use my picture they took of me on the camel for zoo promo material. look out, world!

my back hurts. i am going to go to the gym this morning and do something low impact, i guess, since i'm awake anyway.

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