Tuesday, May 13, 2008

terrible twos day

no i just titled the blog that because i thought it would be clever. i actually love tuesdays.

on tuesday, my best girlfriends come over. we order chinese food. we watch american idol. we cackle.

tonight, i ordered from pac like we always do. this was originally heather's suggestion and we've just stuck with it because it's easy and i have the number stored in my phone. i think we also order from there because it's usually hilarious how many times we have to repeat ourselves when we order because they don't understand english. i'm the last one to make fun of asian people, but usually it's them that have to repeat themselves a thousand times before anyone understands what they're saying. it amuses me that they are giving a taste of that back to the american public.

laura got the broccoli in garlic sauce with brown rice ($3.50), heather and i split the sesame chicken and beef broccoli. i wanted brown rice. she wanted white. the delivery came with only one serving of brown rice but no white rice or the other brown rice. i called again to inform them and the woman who answered the phone actually argued with me! she said she definitely put the rice in the bag! seriously. i've never been a more right customer.

and earlier today, i got an email from working advantage that notified me of a 27% discount on my sprint account. so i called sprint, and they said the company listed in their database with the name of my company was a lumber company. they asked me for my company member i.d. which i didn't have because for some reason i didn't get my hr guy's companywide email with the number in it. so i walked over to his office (still wearing my headset) and asked him for it. after i gave it to sprint they said they were able to apply the discount but only 10% because the more people from my company that signed up the higher the discount would be. so i sent out an email to the whole company informing them of this benefit, and two employees wrote me back to say they tried to get their discount but sprint said they had no record of our company even after they used the member i.d. that i gave them! i am disgruntled with that. we'll see if in 60 days from now whether they even applied the 10% to my bill or if that was just a ploy to get me off the phone with the sprint rep.

what a boring blog post. other meals i've eaten, in backwards order, include: sandwiches at a lunch meeting, eggs and spinach i whipped up this morning, cereal in front of the tube last night, balducci's with max and aviva (buy her book! howard stern talked about it for like 5 minutes!), beers and return of the living dead at nic's for sunday dinner, leftover pasta with vodka sauce i bought from the italian bakery on metropolitan @ lorimer that i go to almost every morning for coffee (now $1.25 sadly), zuke bread from the street fair in union square that i went to after yoga class at om with first a coffee from urban rustic and then a refill from dunkin donuts in the same cup, a delicious mozzarella filled corncake arepa from said street fair, pasta with vodka sauce from bakery and a big glass of cranapple juice (i drank that whole jug in less than a week), half a tempeh ruben and one banana nut waffle at phoebe's at saturday brunch with heather and danica (heather at the other half and one waffle. we like to share. we have food synergy.), and uh i can't remember what i had for dinner friday night. i think about 3 cigarettes while i read through all of the letters from my father to my grandmother that he sent her from ages 18 until literally the day he died on October 24, 1986. i'm going to scan these in and make a memorial site for him. tba.

until nexxxt time, friends!


keaton said...

I had to stop ordering from the one chinese place that would deliver to my house because they fucked me one too many times with stuff like the rice, soups, etc. chinese food in austin pretty much sucks anyway.

keaton said...

i also see that you linked to andres - i recently purchased one of his drawings. he's awesome.