Sunday, May 25, 2008

smooth move

i should first say that i've invited my friend Femme Fat Al to post to this blog whenever she has anything interesting to say about crazy ass food in africa, where she will be doing a library project over the summer. also, i've been cyberstalking my friend laura's friend mike's friend adam whom i met once either last summer or the summer before at the park with his friend who was also my friend melinda's former roommate. (look melinda! i've namedropped you!) he has a really funny travel blog about his current stint in malaysia where he's doing some kind of animation project but also noticing interesting cultural differences in food prep and consumption. he's in the list on the right.

so as i mentioned in a previous post, i'm moving. when i first migrated to new york, exactly 4 years ago, i moved with my friend tana, whom i met through my freshman year roommate jackie, into a lovely apartment on the other side of the practical universe. the building was on meeker avenue, which is an access lane to the perpetually under construction BQE, right at the meeker avenue exit and my bedroom was in the front on the ground floor so that if any 18 wheeler exiting at that exit (which was all of them because trucks have to exit there to make deliveries in williamsburg) and lost control of its steering wheel, it would have plowed directly into my den of slumber. also, it always smelled like exhaust fumes and there were many a night i awoke to the lullabye of 4 a.m. jackhammers right outside my window. and it was a twenty minute walk from the graham avenue stop on the L train. tana moved out after only a few months to move in with her boyfriend in carroll gardens and her friend from ad school becky moved in with me. becky and i only lasted there a few more months before searching for a new place to live. we found the place i live in now, paid a $2,000 brokers fee, and found a third roommate through my friend jill whom i used to work with at harpercollins. becky then had to go back to seattle because her then employer kept writing her rubber checks so jill moved into her room. then colleen, jill's friend who had helped me and becky get this apartment with her stellar credit, moved in with her boyfriend bill, and jason moved into colleen's room. then jill moved out a year later to live by herself and the lovely melinda whom i mentioned earlier (look melinda! i've named you again!) moved into jill's old room. then melinda moved in with her boyfriend andrew and my friend nikki's friend alex's friend brent moved in. then he moved to france although i think he's probably back by now and my friend everybody's friend mike moved in and that's who lives here now.

i didn't mean to tell you that whole story when i first came here to write. my point was going to be about how smoothly this particular move of mine is coming together. besides moving to this apartment and the one before it, i've moved across the country three times in my adulthood (from tx to il, il to va, and va to ny) and i've lived in more than one place in most of the states i've lived in (except va, but that's because i was living with a boyfriend at the time that wouldn't have such nonsense). i've heard worse stories about people who have had like 20 apartments or something in two years or like holly's friend lori who's moved something ridiculous like 12 times in 6 months. and the reason this shocks people is because it's such a pain in the ass to move. a lot of the time you have to get someone to replace you, you have to get together the extra cash for a security deposit in addition to first month's rent if not also for a broker fee, you have to purge all of the accumulated belongings that you don't love enough to haul from one location to the next, you have to pack up all the rest of the stuff that you deem a necessity, you have to clean the dickens out of the new place you're moving into because it's highly likely that the last person that lived there was lazy and inconsiderate, you have to move all of your shit into the room only to discover that it's not all going to fit as you are spending the next few weeks living with boxes and general disarray. moving is not fun.

this move for me this time, though, has been pretty smooth sailing for the most part, knock on wood. mayhaps because i've been mentally preparing for it for a while. ever since the first condos went up in this neighborhood i've been having a sinking feeling. the L train has been going in and out of service on the weekends and the mornings have just gotten more and more congested, especially since i've been having to get to work over an hour earlier due to the new job i started in march. i told jason i was going to look for a new place in april when he got back from mexico although i had been whining to my friends about wanting to move for months and months before that. and so i finally shat to get off the pot, so they say, and looked for a new home in clinton hill where i could be near the C train for a one train commute to work and near the G train so i could be psychologically closer to most of my social life in williamsburg. there was one hiccup where i thought i was going to move into a 7th floor walkup in chinatown with a 9 month old baby, but when i called to sign my lease friday morning the dude told me that some construction on the 6th floor forced an infestation of mice into the apartment and so he was distressed and didn't think he could rent the room to anyone for at least another month while he figured out what to do. this was upsetting to me because i had just told loryn that she could move into my place, but later that day (after tasting a thousand flavors at grom with melinda (!!)) i finally found a place in the exact location i was originally looking that is a decent size and totally affordable.

i have extra money because my bike was stolen last week and my insurance company is awesome. i have jill's car because she's in london this week. and i have a long weekend because of memorial day. so i spent yesterday running around to the dollar store for cleaning supplies, to the paint store for new colors for the walls of my new room, and to the truck rental place for a bunch of boxes. then i went to the new place and scrubbed the dickens off of the mouldings and trim and anna came over to help me tape it up before i go over there today to paint. then we went to a bbq with holly and lori at some place on powers and bushwick where i quickly inhaled a hotdog with portabello and performed some faux fellatio on one of the most delicious corn cobs i've ever ingested. pictures of that to come (har har). after painting this morning, i will be heading to a pic-a-nic in central park this afternoon, and i'll be packing the rest of the week before the official move next weekend. zip zip.

when i came outside to get in the car to pick up anna and holly yesterday, the air was infused with the sweet scent of grilling and i thought it would be nice to always smell like a bbq. i will ask my friend who works for a parfumery to work on that one for me.

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