Thursday, May 8, 2008

not just one, but two! votes

from Max, regarding places to eat near Union Hall (where I'm going to see the Foals tonight). Melinda also suggested al di la.

Ah yes. The best place in the world to eat in park slope (and maybe all of brooklyn) is al di la, which is an italian restaurant on carrol and 5th (two blocks south of union). They don’t take reservations though and waits can be as much as two hours. If you can get there early, its well worth it. Great food, great prices.

What else? Everything else kind of pales in comparison. Moutard is passable (across from Al di la)--basic French fare in a nice dining room. There’s a BBQ place at President (one block south of Union) that is ok, but nothing to write home about.

If you’re in the mood for Tai you could do Song—very reasonably priced Tai food (entrĂ©es $7) that’s decent in a kind of hip atmosphere.

On 5/8/08 4:06 PM, "Max" wrote:

It’s cheap for what you get. Pasta dishes are between 10 and 18, meat dishes are between 15 and 25. The risotto special, which is usually black risotto in squid ink is unreal.

Get the a carafe of house wine. It’s almost always good and its really cheap.

On 5/8/08 4:08 PM, "Max" wrote:

Also good is the sage butter ravioli (on the cheap side, $11, I think)

The beef carapacio is amazing too.

On 5/8/08 4:11 PM, "Max" wrote:

Ok good call. The way to do al di la is to get there at 6 or 6:30, put your name in, walk to union hall and have a beer and then eat at 8pm

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