Wednesday, May 21, 2008

it took me almost a month to eat a bag of combos

one of my favorite snacks in the world is combos. i bought a bag of them a couple of weekends ago, on may 3 to be exact, at some bodega in green point where me and danica stopped to get some beers to bring to doug's pre-party that turned into the-party. we had come back from this pen event that hardly anyone else went to even though it was for the believer and therefore intrinsically cool and interesting. in fact, you guys seriously have to check out the 3d vladmaster. wow. anyway, i shouldn't have been hungry because we had just had dinner at panna II (my first memory of which was new years 1999 while i was wearing blue tinsel eyelashes and a big red fur coat). danica had never been, so it was my duty as a veteran new york diner to take her there. it was as it always is, blinky christmas chili pepper lights and frenetic waitstaff and a birthday song sung by all the patrons in unison and a scoop of mysterious but complimentary sorbet. so as i was saying i should not have been hungry, but i saw that bag of combos at the bodega after i'd had a shot of tequila a enid's (danica, if you are reading this, straight tequila should certainly be a more common guest in our weekends...not that i have anything against the gayer version of tequila mixed up in my margs). those combos served me well all the way up until tonight when i was finally polishing the bag off on my walk from the wrong train station in astoria all the way down 36th to where jill had left her car for me to pick up so i can carsit for her while she is in london with her boyfriend this week.

in other news, i got my first email from a random stranger who reads this inconsistent reportage of my consumption habits! here it is, in entirety, minus his coordinates so as not to offend him:

---------- message ----------
From: Bennett
Date: Fri, May 16, 2008 at 9:19 AM
Subject: kinos alter
To: fattractive

I took my mom to Moutard last night. Diffident service.. food was more or less faultless, but somehow lacking: she had the boeuf bourguinon -stew, and it tasted like it, uninteresting; my crispy salmon was overcooked and sort of a sterile experience.

ANyway, there is a movie missing from your list


cheerriioo -Bennett

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