Friday, April 11, 2008

power of positivity

i'm staying in tonight because i can't stop coughing and i still feel like a waistoid even though i just woke up from a three hour nap and i have so much work to do and so many social obligations this weekend and i had to just decline an invitation to a party that sounds super fun with a good friend i haven't seen in a while and instead i'm going to sit on my laptop and stare at a blank piece of word document until midnight when i find that i can't sleep so i decide to watch the gladiator netflix that's been sitting in my apartment for weeks because i haven't really had any desire to watch it even though i have a huge thing for joaquin phoenix and my movie night experience on sunday night watching city of lost children projected onto a big screen while reclined and swaddled while popping big chunks of fresh sushi into my piehole kind of can't be topped for a while until i finally get someone to come rent out an imax theater with me one day.

i sucked on some of the most delicious ny strip (hahhah so dirty sounding) last night at blue ribbon but only a few bites because i was still a little full from the cancun steak enchildas at a late lunch with my new coworker old buddy aviva at this little mexican place called little mexican place and i'm super psyched about dim sum on sunday because i don't think i've had dim sum since my last blog post. today, she ordered some indian, and i have to say i really enjoyed the lamb saag even though i normally find lamb to taste somewhat like i imagine stinky feet taste like. i have a renewed passion for revisiting jackson heights for another samosa wars but this time adding a boyllywood flick at the palace theater into the day trip. that would really maybe be a slight stand in for the imax excursion i've been craving. i know i won't have any time to be watching any movies while i'm in austin next week, but that's another whole whirlwind that i'm so super excited about. touching down and seeing david for the first time in literally years. sharing gossip and trash talk with lynn and keaton while indentured servants slather the dead cells off of my callused heels. getting dressed all pretty and proper for three days straight while boozing until our pores sweat gin and vodka. the asian station at the reception dinner. the cakes. the tears of sweet joy while we mourn at the funeral for keaton's bachelorette life and the end to new crazy sexy time stories.

i haven't been to the grocery store in months. sometimes all i want is a peanut butter sandwich. i'm probably going to regret writing this blog post in my current state. i certainly regret not writing one when i was in california. i had so much to tell you! there was nikki's wisdom that there are only two places to eat in l.a.: places to be seen and places with good food. she didn't mention the places you go when you are on an expense account and you just want something near your hotel downtown (sushi on the 21st floor of some office building--with the windows open!). i had my first in-n-out burger (1) and there was a convertible camero in the parking lot. i also had a convertible but it was a sebring. which i drove along rodeo drive then parked for a walk on venice beach then took to dinner with stewart at figaroa and a drink at formosa where we saw harry from sex and the city with maybe ron howard. spent my friday morning cleaning my plate at millie's of banana pancakes and apple sausage (best combo(s) possible) and shopping in silverlake before driving down to long beach to meet alison, l!sa, and merrick for seafood platters at the chowder barge. random sampling of santa ana bars after that, but the real treat was the fresh croissant in the morning followed by 4 hours of the 41st annual miss dance usa international drill team competition at UC irvine. will the rest of my life continue to be heaven like this? i want to always think of these moments i am thankful for when that other stuff tries to weigh me down.

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