Wednesday, April 23, 2008

first stop: cream pies

it never fails. after bitching myself hoarse about the trials i must suffer, i am invariably swiftly and almost spectacularly rewarded. tuesday was a total bitch, but today went off like a rocket ship. work was a series of easy meetings where all i had to do was pay attention in case i was quizzed later, then i hopped on to amtrak for the first time in new york (i'd taken it once before from charlottesville to DC. it's a much more hectic and urban experience in the city, as i'm sure you can imagine.). after 3 leisurely hours of finally cracking book three of What Is the What (where I was repeatedly and forcefully reminded that my life IS NOT HARD), i drifted off to a quite nap before waking at just one station before my stop at Back Bay. This is quite a feat. The gods have chosen that I should not have any problems in this trip. i walked the block to my enormous hotel, checked in, and asked the front desk to point me in the direction of ice cream. and promptly after dropping off my bags in my room, and taking a moment to admire the BREATH Taking and achingly beautiful view from my 34th floor window, i headed promptly to the nearest CVS to procure some drug store products and a Haagen-Dazs vanilla ice cream bar dipped in milk chocolate. even the two block walk to CVS on the corner was dazzling with the architecture of churches, libraries, and superfluous historic buildings. i am now back in my room at a comfortable just before midnight to record the pendulum swing in my luck. tomorrow, i'm waking early early early (7) to fix myself up real nice before heading out into the city to procure a proper bostonian breakfast so i can meet and greet all these strangers with confidence and pretend like i deserve to be here.

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