Thursday, March 6, 2008

meet to heat

so in my new position (that i've been blogging about all week) we have tons and tons of meetings. every day there is a 9:45 "huddle" that's supposed to last for 15 minutes, but half the time lasts over an hour. and then today, we had to meet all three of the final candidates for the last open position on the team. and let me tell you, we were not nice to them after they left the room. events staff can be pretty pretty bitchy.

i was whining to my former editorial coworkers about how many meetings i have to go to nowadays (when, ahem, i used to fucking love me the shit out of some meetings back when i didn't have any actual work to do) when this editor lady told me about an idea she had for a company a long time ago called the meet to heat. basically, the longer the meeting went on, the hotter the seats got until finally people just couldn't sit anymore.

maybe the problem with these meetings is that they are not catered. i broke up my meetings with my new group with a lunch meeting with my former group, and that one was boring as all get out BUT THERE WERE SANDWICHES. bo talked about ebitda, cash flow, gross margin, and all that snoozerific shit, but i could have sat there forever if you just kept passing me the cookie plate or the fruit bowl.

i ate way more lunch today than the last two days combined. could it have anything to do with the fact that i didn't have to pay for it? mmmmmmaybe. if i were a betting man, my money would be on me gorging myself at the farewell dim sum my former group is treating me to on friday.

oh, and also on friday, hahha i forgot to tell anyone but anna drug dealer* called me a couple of days ago to invite me to this big catered party he plans to throw on friday. he was like, there will be lobster and steak and a cheese platter. i was like, what's the occasion? and he said, oh no reason. just for the hell of it. well, a friend of mine just got out of the state pen, so it's kind of a welcome back party, too.

*(i don't do drugs by the way. revise this to 'A drug dealer')

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