Monday, March 3, 2008

funday bloody funday

tonight, i went to a spurs/nets game at the new izod arena in the meadowlands, nj. lessons learned included: 1) one team only has 25 seconds to shoot the ball while they are on the defendants side of the court. 2) when the ref makes that gesture with his arms like tina turner rolling down the river it means someone was traveling. 3) one bud in a plastic bottle cost $7.25!

mandrew rented a zipcar and drove like he meant business and gay threatened to puke. mike foss hadn't showered so was wearing lots of musk from his new job at estee lauder. the fat guy across the aisle from me was hugging his pepsi to his chest while he ate his carvels ice cream cup and his shirt was tucked in to his pants that were held up by a belt with a batman belt buckle. oh, and his cell phone was attached to a lanyard around his neck. we were sitting high up in section 216 and by the time people got to our row while climbing up the steps, they were heaving. one of the heavers was this kid who was about 8 who kept saying to his mom that he couldn't make hit. he was wearing sweatpants. way too early.

then we went to chili's (duh) purely by memory. i had the crispy honey chipotle chicken crispers with loaded mashed potatoes and the saltiest soggiest corn cob possible. and 1/4 of an awesome blossom. 16 oz of bud was $3.50. the couple at the table catty corner to us had the whole experience including tequila sunrise in a gigantic bowl glass, southwestern eggroll appetizers, fajitas, and a brownie sunday. someone's going to get laid! and obese!

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