Sunday, March 9, 2008

consider the lobster

yes i went to that party last night and yes there were lobster and steak and a cheese platter. there were also many large bottles of spirits and a yummy ceviche filled bottomless bread bowl and lamb, oh my. i ate much more than i thought i would considering how sick i was yesterday morning. so sick in fact that i slept right up until 11 a.m. even though i was supposed to be at a Jing Fong in chinatown for a dim sum in my honor at 12:30. luckily, i had some dayquil and a shower to help me out of the house and on to the JMZ (which it seems no one in the corporate world knows exists).

i'm talking about thirty things at once right now. how shall i sort this all out? from the beginning i suppose. up until the very end. you'll have to forgive me. i've been cooped up indoors all day watching a my so called life marathon of the last four episodes of the one and only season because it's been raining really torrentially all day and i've been feeling the need to recover from the last couple of weeks of over stimulation at work, anyway.

so i woke up yesterday feeling snotty but i powered through and arrived at fing jong after everyone else was seated and halfway through their dumplings and tofu concoctions. the restaurant is on elizabeth between canal and bayard, and you have to take an escalator up to the second floor. it's like this huge banquet hall with enormous chandeliers built into dome niches in the ceiling. there was some kind of community center performance happening when i walked in where people were wearing a dragon costume the way two people would wear a horse costume. and the dragon was dancing and winking and i really thought i was in the wrong place, but then jane saw me dazedly spinning around and retrieved me to her table. the edit group was split up between three round tables and i sat in the one empty seat reserved for me at the important people table. all the top editors were there but we couldn't really carry on much of a conversation because the noise was insane. i got up at another point to peek around the partition and there was a large group of chinese people on the stage in orange sweatshirts doing that slow martial arts meditation thing together set to music that sounded like karaoke. i was next to dan who's been a vegetarian for thirty years and he kept saying 'what do you think is in that spring roll" or "what do you think is in that steam bun?' and i just felt so sorry for him. but not as sorry as i felt for rachel who was sitting at the other table looking just horrified because she is orthodox and can only eat kosher so stays on the safe anorexic side.

after we had our fill, jill, gill, we headed over to the chinatown icecream factory. i had the taro flavor which was listed under "regular" as was red bean and black sesame and wasabi. i thought it was funny that mint chocolate was listed under exotic.

we came back to the office where a bunch of stuff you don't care about happened. i stayed until 8:30 because i hadn't come in that morning and went directly to the aforementioned catered party. the two caterer guys were cooking when i came in and i will leave out some of the stuff that was also amusing about these caterer guys being at this particular party because i suspect my aunt and young cousin read this blog. but i will say that i met a bunch of new people which is always fun. i also ran into some people i knew a long time ago. for example, this girl was introduced to me named kate and she said i think i've cut your hair and i totally freaked out because she did cut my hair once last year! and i hated it! and i totally came back in and made her cut it again! so i was really embarrassed that she recognized me. at least i tipped her well even if i never went back to her. she is also way too pretty to be my hair lady. i can't stare in the mirror at my face for an hour while her face is right next to it. not good for my self esteem. what was good for it, though, was that at one point in the evening this dude entered the party who i immediately noticed and internally exclamation pointed at and then by the end of the party he had asked me for my math (which is the most unique way gimme your number has ever been worded to me). he's already called me this afternoon to invite me out tonight, but like i said before, there's too much rain for me to socially interact today. also, i am too busy being weirded out by how much of a difference being on or off birth control makes on my love life. like, literally the second i decide to go off, i am serenaded and wooed. as soon as i go back on, it's like operation desert storm.

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